Polish-Chinese company Kings Group Sp. z o.o. is a leader in many industries in Poland.

The company brings together the specialized departments of the various sector, from the agri-food industry and property development markets to legal issues. It also features a suitable warehouse and various production sites.

Kings Group Sp. z o.o. helps Chinese companies to start business in Poland and in Europe. The company also offers support for foreign companies in the field of investments due to the current demand of the market.

We promote values such as honesty and efficiency.

We are the best.

With us you will achieve even more.



KGC helps Chinese investors on Polish and European market in running a profitable investment, offers support for the purchase of companies or the implementation of large projects.



The Legal Department provides professional legal services for foreign citizens, companies or business projects.



The Import Department with 20 years of experience.



The Export Department with 7 years of experience.


Department of Trade and Production

The Department of Trade and Production has the ability to manufacture each article. Provides assistance in obtaining new customers and finding market outlets.

OUR services

The specialized departments of our company provide a comprehensive service in the following areas:

  • legal assistance - professional assistance in the creation and registration of business activities, legal services for property investment, legal advice in civil, criminal and commercial matters, arbitration in the settlement of disputes and many others;
  • investment - support for the purchase of the land and real estate, industrial plants, as well as trademarks, help for companies in patent applications;
  • trade and production – KG, together with partner companies is one of the largest global players in this field for 20 years, also present on the Polish market, offering broadly understood business services. We have many years of experience in trade with China and other countries all over the world, offering the possibility of production, sales of each food product and cooperation with many companies of the local and foreign market companies.
Kings Group is your gateway to Europe